Field Trip
Request and Processing of Field Trips with or without a Fee


Field Trip Fee Request Instructions

Select Master List to view approved field trip fees, select term.

To UPDATE a reoccurring, existing field trip fee, select Master List, select term and Update to begin. Do not select “new fee”. Include an itinerary and budget as required. The budget must match the fee charged to each student.

To start a NEW a field trip fee request, select Start Request from the Master List tab. Include an itinerary and budget as required. The budget must match the fee charged to each student.

Select Open to view an in-process field trip fee request.

Select Completed and term to view completed field trip fee requests.

How the Field Trip Fee Process Works

Faculty or staff interested in coordinating an international field trip must register the experience with Education Abroad in accordance with Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02. Please read more about the process here. Education Abroad staff will direct the department to the Provost’s Field Trip Fee Request workflow to update or create a new field trip fee (as necessary).

Domestic field trips follow the process outlined below but do not route through Education Abroad.

Please work with department and/or college business office staff to process a field trip fee request. Department and college reviewers and approvers have the necessary access. The college’s international liaison and assistant dean for finance can also provide guidance.

If returning an action, please include detailed comments so a correction can be made.

Routing Path

Education Abroad - All International field trip fee requests route to Education Abroad. Domestic field trips do not route to Education Abroad.

Department and College Review and Approval – Only department and college reviewers and approvers can create, update, return, cancel, modify, or approve a field trip fee request as determined by routing. College review is normally assigned to the Education Abroad College Liaison. The College Approver is normally the assistant dean for finance (or designee) and responsible for establishing workflow routing.

If no change to an existing field trip fee or the fee is decreased then the action will be marked Complete when approved by the college.

Provost Review - Provost Reviewer can return to college for modification or forward to Finance Approval.

Finance Approval - Finance Approver can return to college for modification or forward for Final Approval.

Provost Approval - The Provost (or designee) reviews and approves all field trip fee requests. A memo is uploaded to document final approval and reported to the TAMU System.

FAMIS Account Entry - If necessary, University Accounting Services will create and enter the new FAMIS account information.

Detail Code Entry - If necessary, SBS will create and enter the new detail code.

Complete - All routing and approvals are complete and appear in Master List for that term.

Important Dates

Field Trip Occurs Deadline *
Summer/Fall February 1st
Spring October 1st
* To allow the Provost Office sufficient time to review, all requests MUST be at the Final Approval status by the published deadline. Any request that is NOT at Final Approval by the deadline will be cancelled.

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